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"A Teacher, Detained" (Inokori Sensei) Honeyworks ft. flower

"Sensei, It’s Haniwa!"

This new song by the Honeyworks team is pretty awesome I think. Not only that, it features the brand new vocaloid “v flower” (Character name: flower) which Honeyworks described as a “gender-less sounding powerful female voice”. I think it sounds pretty good and fits well with the song. We’ll have to keep an ear out for her in the future. I put a lot of effort into making an immersive and hopefully entertaining translation to fit the meaning of the song. Yes the guy is literally saying “The one who isn’t raising his hand gets detention” but you can tell from the song and the pairs relationship that this is definitely something different. This is some interesting backstory fill-in for Haruki and I can’t say I was happy to see Miou, too many sad memories lol. I guess it looks like Haruki’s older brother (or someone of similar close relation) drowned when he was a lot younger. I like the twist in the “voting” sections of the song too. This isn’t a normal “love” song, but in it’s own way it deals with human relationships and connections in a very touching manner.

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On mondays, all of my good memories disappear. All my memories of people I’m close to or want to spend more time with are completely reset every week. That’s why I don’t have any memories of my friends. My memories of you will all disappear.

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